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GameFAQs Character Battle [07 Sep 2005|04:23pm]

Please, get the time to vote for Megaman/Rockman/Rock/Mega in the Character Contest as this year's ultimate champion!


The contest is ongoing, and changes each day, so be sure to check often for the 20XX Division's semifinalist, and make him advance to the top as this year's Grand Champion!

He's the remaining representative of the entire Mega Man/Rockman comunities on the net, so we gotta help him win these hard fights!

If you were wondering, Zero was the other representative. And he lost to the mustachioed plumber Mario. So, don't let that happen to the remaining Mega Man representative, and make him win, guys!

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forte piccies! [23 Jun 2005|03:49pm]

Two piccies of Forte-kun I drew a long time ago. They're both pretty big (not file size, piccy size), but I don't have anything with me to shrink them without killing the images.

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X-posted to my lj. I know I haven't put any signatures on them yet, but no plagarizing! Snag, yes. Put on your site, ask first. Anything else... Pretty much ask first. I'm too lazy to think of anything right now. @@
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Art #2 [14 Jun 2005|04:20pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Since I'm not sure how many pics I can post in one thread I made another one. Just let me know if I can post in the same thread or not? Yet again this is NOT my art. Just a collection from around the net. Since I'm sharing them I'm trying to find out who drew them so I can post their name. But deviant and sheezy are being butt's today so I will have to try later.

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bleeeka piika... [11 Jun 2005|12:21pm]

Something just occurred to me, and I think I know how people feel about it by now, but this community was meant for Navi Forte... It says Forte Fans though, and people have posted here about Original Forte, so... Does that pretty much mean this place is for Forte period? Doesn't matter what series he's from?

I'm only bringing this up because I wanted to put up pics I'd drawn a few years back of Original Forte. Just making sure no one's gonna jump down my throat about it. ^^;
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Forte Art [11 Jun 2005|11:45am]

[ mood | devious ]

This is not my art. Just a collection from around the net. Most is collected from Japanese websites so I have no idea who the lovely artist is. If you do know tell me and I will give them the proper credit. Yet agian don't kill me I"m just Sharing. (Some people are really anal on the net) ^_^

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Rockman EXE 5....Forte art [12 Mar 2005|10:02am]

[ mood | awake ]

I found this news article on www.planet-megaman.com. (By Heat Man)"Numerous pieces of concept artwork for Rockman EXE 5. Right now it only contains Navi artwork and the final boss, but the menu states it will eventually have operator artwork, virus artwork and unused design artwork to boot. Like the other pages, this page requires Flash. Definitely something to keep an eye on." The page is in Japanese so when the page comes up Click Start. Forte is at the bottom, we get to see him uncloaked. I had to post the link saving the picture is blocked.


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Music Video [23 Feb 2005|12:46am]

[ mood | crazy ]

Don't know if anyone has seen this floating around on the web. When I saw it I laughed my ass off. Of course it has Forte it! A music video of Megaman 7 characters singing Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. The video was made by FatSatan.



Here is another by FatSatan, hmmm what would happen if Forte got reprogrammed???

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Hi, I'm New but, been Lurking around. [20 Feb 2005|08:29pm]

[ mood | groggy ]

Hello everybody, I'm new but a big Forte fan. Uh I'm not an artist but I do enjoy reading fanfiction. I found this scan from a MegaMan/Rockman Manga online (somewhere). I'm not taking credit for the picture, I saved it and I"m sharing it. If i knew who scanned it they would get props. Basically It's a pic of Forte after he destroyed something and he is giving the "Finger" to a news camera. You can see Megaman in the background looking at the destruction. I saw this thought it was freaking funny and I had to crawl out of my hole and post it.



There is a human Forte art in there too. ^_^

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hey i'm new! and proud of it! [06 Nov 2004|05:38pm]

well as this is my first post in this community I guess I'll post some pics of forte?
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MegaMan Fic:Chapter One [26 Oct 2004|02:46pm]

Here is Chapter One of my MegaMan fic. I know it's probably not the greatest in the world,but I'm still working out the kinks. Please forgive me!!!

Chapter One-Chaud Gets a Surprise

"What do you mean,"we have to take her"? Chaud Blaze demanded. He was glaring at the stiff looking man at his office doorway. He'd been working on advancements for Protoman when his secretary had buzzed in to say that his late aunt's lawyer was there. He was there to explain that Chaud's father was now the legal guardian of his sister,Rebekkah. Chaud was furious that this girl,this small girl, was coming into his life,after not knowing she even existed! "Look,pal,we're not interested. Send her to an orphanage or something."
"I'm afraid I can't do that. My instructions were very clear." The lawyer replied. He turned in the doorway,and made a slight gesture. His charge walked in,slowly,fearful. "It's alright,Rebekkah. This is your big brother, Chaud."
Chaud's eyes widened. There,before his eyes was a minature version of his mother. The child had his own platinum locks,neatly braided into two neat ponytails on either side of her head. Her eyes were ice blue. She was gazing up at her brother with wide,curious eyes. "Um......where do I sign?" He asked informally. He was instantly drawn to the little girl,seeing her a last ditch connection to his mother. His father wouldn't talk about her,and Chaud did miss her terribly.
"Right here,Sir." The lawyer handed him a bundle of papers. "She's already been fed and everything for tonight."
"Geez, you make her sound like a dog!" Chaud muttered, as he kept one eye on his sister. The six-year-old was eyeing his computer desk. "Don't touch any of that,Rebekkah." But she hadn't moved to touch anything at all. She seemed to be gaping at it all. Chaud grunted slightly,as he began to fill out the paper work. "Haven't you ever seen a computer before?"
"Uh uh....." She walked over to him, as he was finishing up. "What is it?"
Chaud almost choked, but mangaged to smile instead. "Come here and sit,and I'll explain." Chaud pulled her into his lap when he returned to his desk. "A computer is what mostly everything here in Dentech is run by. We live in a world now where computers are a necessity." He picked up his PET. "This is a Personal Terminal,or a PET. Almost everyone in Dentech has one." He smiled as Protoman appeared on the screen. "This is what is called a NetNavi. Everyone I know has one. Father and I are always working to perfect the PET systems. Say hi to my sister,Protoman."
"How do you do?" Protoman seemed to smile,even if it wasn't visible through his visor. "What is your name,Miss?"
"I'm Rebekkah." She looked up at Chaud. "Can I have a Net friend too?" She liked the idea of having her own personal friend to play with.
"It's a pleasure to meet you,Miss Rebekkah." Protoman replied. He studied her through his visor. She was about the same size as Glyde's net operator.
"Do you have a PET?" Chaud asked,fearing he already knew the answer. What kind of place had his aunt lived in that didn't have any kind of computers?
"Uh uh." Rebekkah replied again, now moving the window. She straightened her too tight socks a little,as she gazed outside the office. "This is a really big building."
"Well,this is a pretty big company,Rebekkah." Chaud replied. "I tell you what. I'm going to be working late tonight,so I'll check and see if we have any extra PETs in storage. Okay?"
The girl merely nodded. She felt like an alien from another world. Computers,Navis,PETs? Why hadn't her aunt had any of this stuff? She felt really ignorant in this world.
"Don't worry if you don't understand everything right now, Rebekkah. I'll get you into a school as soon as I can. Then you can catch up with everyone else your age."
Again, she only nodded. She didn't have anything to say. No one back home had told her it would be so hard to live in the city. Soon,Chaud called for one of his drivers to take Rebekkah to her new home,a large mansion at the edge of the city.
"I'll be home later tonight. I have asked my old nursemaid to take care of you for now, alright?"
Rebekkah nodded sullenly. "Alright,Chaud." She walked out of his office,following a guy called Lorenzo. "Can we stop at a burger place?"
"I'm afraid not,Ms. Rebekkah. Your brother has asked I take you directly home." He held the door open for her once they got to the car. "Please buckle your seat belt,Miss." Lorenzo went around to his side, and got in. Before long,they were on the road,heading for her new home.
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MegaMan-Mania........... [23 Oct 2004|11:52am]

[ mood | amused ]

I found someone who does awesome backgrounds,Siggies and Avatars. Here's two of the ones he did for me. I got more where this came from.

And do you know what's playing? Total Eclipse of the Heart,which is the same thing that was playing around the time I decided how much I really like Marik! So ccreepy!!!

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